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Small sales

Sales permission granted by Dakajojo 8/2010

By commenting you are okay with the following:
Using recycled packaging for your package

Your item will go to next person if you don't respond within 24 hours

Free with purchase items may increase shipping

Shipping from Japan (cheapest option available)

OK for haggling, but if someone is willing to pay full price the item will automatically go to them

Shipped prices are to anywhere in the world

Priority will also go to trades for certain items im looking for:
Arcanine Petit plush MWT
Reshiram Pokedoll (tush tag only okay)

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Pokemon Sales (and other sales under cut)

Sales permission granted by dakajojo October 2009

General Rules

If you take longer than 48 hours to respond the item goes to the next person.
All clearfiles MUST be shipped in a document mailer which adds 2$ to shipping cost
I will combine Pokemon sales with my other sales under the cut
Not taking any trades at the moment
Feel free to ask about the condition of items. If not specified it's safe to assume they're mint/near mint
I'm not responsible for any lost mail
I ship internationally

If you are only buying charms, I can ship it in just a letter envelope or a bubble mailer. The bubble mailer is recycled, but it costs a little more to ship it since bubble mailers are in larger shipping category. Let me know which you would prefer.

It may take me a WHILE to ship out these orders! I have midterms next week and of course it's Thanksgiving/Black Friday, so expect it to take up to a week to get these out.

My friend code is 1693 - 1069 - 5123 if you want to add me :) (I'm on the community spreadsheet as well)


Year of the Dragon clearfile 20$
Pokemon Time Growlithe 13$
Reshiram N 20$
Zekrom N 20$

Champions 20$
Kanto 18$
Johto 16$
Hoenn 16$

Sinnoh 15$
Water Type 12$
Electric Type 13$
Pokemon Time Wailord 12$

Noivern 10$
Helioptile 7$
Tyrantrum 8$
Espurr 7$

RARE Metagross 20$
Eevee Collection Jolteon 10$
Pokeball magnets - one free with any purchase (specify which you want otherwise it will be random)

Zebstrika (green, pink) - 3$ each
Blitzle - 2$
Noivern (x2) - 5$ each
Helioptile - 4$
Bisharp - 3$

Wailord pan sticker - 4$

Pokemon Japanese manga #42 - 3$
Pokemon Keldeo movie Japanese manga - 3$
GIANT BW2 Japanese pokedex - 5$ (shipping will be higher!)
MIP McD Yveltal (Inkay card) - 2$
MIP McD Mewtwo (Swirlix card) - 2$
Pokemon glittery seal stationary set - 15$

Pokemon Conquest posters, these were limited and only given to those in Japan who pre-ordered the games
Zekrom/Nobunaga - 15$
Freezer/Mitsuhide - 15$


Charizard - 5$
Eevee (x2) - 4$
Growlithe - 7$
Arcanine - 8$
RARE Arcanine swing charm - 20$
Mudkip - 4$
Swampert - 5$
Sableye - 5$
Elektrike - 4$
Manectric - 5$
RARE 2009 Halloween Promo Rotom - 15$
Stunfisk - 3$
Chinchou - 3$
Bitzle - 3$
Zebstrika - 4$
Pokedoll Eevee - 8$
Pokedoll Venusaur - 10$
Leafeon (x2) - 4$
Bagon - 5$
Shelgon - 5$
Salamence - 7$
MIP Blitzle Dot Sprite charm - 7$
Stunfisk collection (3 different expressions, specify which you'd life) - 6$ each
Pawniard - 3$
Bisharp - 4$
Christmas Blitzle - 8$

Charm case - 20$

New years decoration (features Magikarp, Mewoth, Pikachu, Snivy, and Darumakka) - 15$
(MWdetachedT) Japanese Espurr Pokemon Center plush - 15$
(MWdetachedT) Japanese Tyrunt Pokemon Center plush - 15$
MWT Substitute keychain plush - 15$

Squishy/stressball Pokeballs
Pokeball - 3$
MIP Pokeball - 6$
MIP Premierball - 8$

Used set of Pokemon Y tramp cards (some cards may show minor wear) - 8$
Used set of Pokemon UNO cards (cards are in good condition) - 10$

All have their sticker intact and are official NOT bootleg and in working condition

FireRed - 22$
Emerald - 22$
Pokemon Video - 5$
Red - 25$
Crystal - 25$
Pinball (missing battery cover) - 5$

Red/Green card folder - 25$
Red/Green bookmark (has crease in middle) - 2$
Red/Venusaur bookmark - 3$
Green/Aerodactyl bookmark (has crease in middle) - 2$
Green (or "Blue") sticker - 1$
Japanese booster packs (empty) - one free with any purchase
Light Arcanine card (slight edge wear) - 3$
Growlithe card - 25c

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Amazing huge box of gets and grails!

I was too excited for this box so I opened it then thought maybe I should catalogue my gets for once hahah.

Come check out what's in it!

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