wutastic (wutastic) wrote,

Small sales

Sales permission granted by Dakajojo 8/2010

By commenting you are okay with the following:
Using recycled packaging for your package

Your item will go to next person if you don't respond within 24 hours

Free with purchase items may increase shipping

Shipping from Japan (cheapest option available)

OK for haggling, but if someone is willing to pay full price the item will automatically go to them

Shipped prices are to anywhere in the world

Priority will also go to trades for certain items im looking for:
Arcanine Petit plush MWT
Reshiram Pokedoll (tush tag only okay)

Salamence UFO MWT 28$ shipped
Probopass UFO MWT (free, just pay shipping)
Nosepass UFO MWT (free, just pay shipping)

Original 2009 1:1 Eevee tush tag only (one eye has slight wear to it, in photos) 55$ shipped

Ho-oh minky pokedoll tush tag only - 35$ shipped
N dot sprite MIB - 30$ shipped
Pikachu pouch with strap - (free, just pay shipping)
Pikachu phone futon (secret version) USED - 3$, or free with purchase

Pikachu nebukuro charizard and eevee (one sock each, mismatched) 5$ for the pair
Flareon nebukuro hand towel - 3$
Gengar nebukuro hand towel - 3$
Ekans nebukuro hand towel - 3$

Pikachu ekans nebukuro with detached tag (heavy pilling on the sleeping bag) 15$ shipped

Pokemon JP manga books - 3$ each
Pokemon Life magazine (book only) - 3$

Pokemon XY clearfile - 3$
HipHop Parade Growlithe tote MWT - 30$ shipped

Charizard X mega stone - 3$

Giant pokemon center Wailord plush (I've put the guy in the washing machine and it messed his tail up a little) 45$ shipped
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